All Cascia games this season WILL be in the UPPER SCHOOL

2015 - 16 Basketball Schedule (PDF) as of Dec 28, 2015



Initial 2015 Basketball Team Codes (PDF)



6th Grade Boys

B6-1  All Saints
B6-2  Cascia Hall - Blue
B6-3  Cascia Hall - White
B6-4  Marquette - Red
B6-5  Marquette - White
B6-6  Monte Cassino
B6-7  St Mary
B6-8  St Pius X
B6-9  Sts Peter and Paul

7th Grade Boys

B7-1  All Saints
B7-10  St Joseph Muskogee
B7-11  St Mary
B7-12  St Pius X
B7-2  Cascia Hall - Blue
B7-3  Cascia Hall - White
B7-4  Marquette - Red
B7-5  Marquette - White
B7-6  Monte Cassino - Blue
B7-7  Monte Cassino - White
B7-8  St Catherine
B7-9  St John Bartlesville

8th Grade Boys

B8-1  All Saints
B8-2  Cascia Hall - Blue
B8-3  Cascia Hall - White
B8-4  Holy Family
B8-5  Marquette
B8-6  Monte Cassino
B8-7  St Mary
B8-8  St Pius X

6th Grade Girls

G6-1  Cascia Hall
G6-2  Holy Family
G6-3  Marquette
G6-4  Monte Cassino
G6-5  St Mary
G6-6  St Pius X
G6-7  Sts Peter and Paul

7th Grade Girls

G7-1  Cascia Hall - Blue
G7-2  Cascia Hall - White
G7-3  Marquette
G7-4  Monte Cassino
G7-5  St Joseph Muskogee
G7-6  St Mary
G7-7  St Pius X

8th Grade Girls

G8-1  All Saints
G8-2  Cascia Hall
G8-3  Marquette
G8-4  Monte Cassino
G8-5  St Mary
G8-6  St Pius X